This manufacturer supports BEUG


IA8044/IA8344 is a "Plug-and-Play" Drop-in Replacement for the Original IC
InnovASIC The End of ObsolescenceTM
innovASIC IA8044
  • Form, Fit, and Function Compatible with the Intel* 8044 or 8344
  • Packaging options available: 40 Pin Plastic Dual In-Line Package(PDIP),
    44 Pin Plastic Leaded Chip Carrier (PLCC)
  • 12 MHz clock
  • Serial Interface Unit with SDLC/HDLC compatibility
  • 2.4 Mbps maximum serial data rate
  • 192 Bytes of Read/Write Data Memory Space
  • 64kB External Program Memory Space
  • 64kB External Data Memory Space
  • 4kB Internal ROM in IA8044