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February 27th 2003: BEUG annual meeting

Aachen. The 2003 BEUG meeting was held at the IBIS Brussels Centre Gare du Midi in Brussels, Belgium, the 23rd of May 2003.

Meeting details can be found here!

July 31th 2001: New BITBUS Products Guide!

Aachen. BEUG proudly presents the new product guide on Just click on "PRODUCT GUIDE" in the menu left to this text.
If you like to present YOUR product on, you can find all information you need in the PDF-document ADVERTISE BITBUS PRODUCTS!

July 31th 2001: New BITBUS PRIMER!

Aachen. You can find a BITBUS PRIMER on this page now. The PRIMER includes infromation on all major aspects of BITBUS technology!!

May 18th 2001: BEUG annual meeting started BITBUS marketing initiative! 

Aachen. "BITBUS - the original, open and non-proprietarian fieldbus!™" is the new slogan of BEUG. BEUG plans many activities to promote BITBUS in 2001. Subscribe our news ticker service to get first hand, early bird information on upcoming BEUG activities.

Fieldbus comparison sheet updated by BEUG!
Fieldbus comparison sheet

Mai 2001: IA8044 is available!

Please contact innovasic for details.

innovASIC - The End of Obsolescence

Datasheets ia8044 & ia80152

Latest Press Release (May 1, 2001) (PDF) 

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